April 18, 2007

Goodbye Grandma!

My grandmother passed away on Monday.  She was 96 years old.  She lived quite a full life and died peacefully.

I'm taking Z down to the funeral.  It involves a 2-leg flight there and another to get back home.  We're leaving Saturday afternoon, getting in at about 8:30, the funeral is Monday morning, and we're coming home on Wednesday afternoon.  A quick trip.  We will see my parents, my cousin, my aunt and uncle, and maybe my other aunt and cousin.  My husband and I had a long discussion last night about whether or not I should go, and take Z.  I feel like it is a good thing to do.  He said he couldn't physically or mentally do it.  Taking Z is too much trouble for him.  Heck, he has problems taking her to the grocery store!  So he wouldn't.  She and I have an easier time doing things like that together.  I've traveled with her alone before and it was no big deal.  She is more interactive now, and the flights may be a bit more of a hassle, but I bet it will all work out fine. 

The best reason though, for all this rushing around and hubbub, is that gram would have liked to know that the family was getting together.  All of us, especially Z.  So here's to my grammie, I hope you have fun in heaven with gramps again.

New me

I got a haircut yesterday.  It's short.  I like short hair.  Especially on me.  I think I've realized that my hair is meant to be short.  It will grow out, but it takes FOREVER.  And my hair is very fine, so when it is long, it doesn't do much.  It won't hold long layers, so mostly I wear it back.  What's the point?  I had short hair in high school, and I was kind of punkrock.  I cut my hair short again right before I got pregnant, and I decided to let it grow when a little girl at a museum didn't know I was a woman ("what lady?").  But it had been taking forever and ever to grow.  I've had it with limp boring hair!  So it is much shorter again, and I can put the putty stuff in it and spike it up and all!  I love it. 

The last time I had short hair (just over a year ago) I also wasn't wearing any makeup.  Now I think short hair looks great on girls with dark hair, but blondes need a bit of help.  I'm very blond.  You can't see my eyebrows or lashes on my face, they match very well with my skin tone.  Lately I have been getting into wearing eye makeup again, like I did in high school.  I went through this phase in college where I thought makeup was annoying and stupid.  Now I see it as an accent to my features.  I like wearing a bit of eye makeup because it makes me feel girlie.  I am enjoying the more girlie feeling lately.  So, short hair and eyes that stand out... the new me.

April 13, 2007

Work leads to babysitting!

I'm very busy right now with work and baby and family!  I am almost busier now than I ever was in grad school.  Almost.  But it's a good kind of busy.  Not so many deadlines and I get to play with my kid!

Work is really picking up.  I'm getting more and more tasks and organizing the lab more.  It is really quite exciting!  I enjoy my job.  Especially when I see my name in a forwarded email from my boss, and it says "K is my part-time administrative assistant.  She has taken on part of this project and has done a great job so far."  The summer is always the busiest time around the lab, and summer starts in a month or so.  We're planning a few new events this summer, and I'll be a part of it all. 

And for work I have to attend a meeting on Tuesday, and my husband has to be there as well, so it will be the first time we've left Z with a sitter (that wasn't family) when she was not asleep!  She's 9.5 months old and I don't know if I'm ready for this!  I know she probably is.  Her sitter is my good friend, and we've all hung out a lot so Z knows her already.  They've played a bit together.  But she'll have to get her snack and play, all while mommy AND daddy aren't there!  Goodness!  (When I visited my parents this February I left Z with them for a couple of hours and she was fine.  So I know I'm worried about nothing.  It's one of those mommy things.)