November 17, 2010

Sick at home

My daughter Z has been sick for the past two days. She had a fever so we kept her home and I took her to the doctor, who gave her antibiotics and said she probably has bronchitis. Her illness isn't too bad; today she hasn't had a fever and she isn't coughing all the time. But, she has to stay home anyway until 24 fever-free hours are logged.

I have had to work and of course my husband has as well, but he works from home so he has gotten stuck with Z. Yesterday afternoon she napped and then watched Rainbow Brite. This morning apparently she played with her bead set for nearly two hours, and after lunch she colored for again approximately two hours. Now I'm home to allow D to work and she is sacked on the couch! What is with this girl? She's the most non-rowdy kid I think I've ever seen. True, she is sick, but she commonly can sit for an hour or more with something small like coloring or dolls. I'm continually amazed at her attention span.

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