January 06, 2008

Battlefield Earth

I recently finished reading Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard, and I thought I'd make a few comments here. This isn't a "review" and I'm not going to summarize or explain the book. I'm just going to say what I liked and didn't like. I thought this was a great scifi novel, full of action and adventure. It took me nearly 6 months to read! (It takes me longer to read most books because I don't spend very much time at it.) I enjoyed all the action, and also how the book was split into small chapters, which made it very easy to read in short bursts. All the essential events and characters were easy to remember, and everything made sense throughout the book. There wasn't too much characterization in the book, all the characters were fairly simple. The plot was much more focused on the action and the flow towards the climax. The story was easy to follow throughout and the conflicts and resolutions were clear.

I didn't like how the book slowed at the very end. After the second climax I was sure the book would be over! I also didn't like how Hubbard sometimes invented a new thing seemingly at random to explain something (e.g. the Psychlo doctors at the end of the book). These things would have been more believable had he hinted about them earlier in the story.

Overall I thought it was an excellent book.