March 02, 2006

Emotional Crumminess

I'm feeling like I really need to post about this (weird!)...

At the end of last summer I posted about telling the new grad student how the lab is. Turns out she just recently got an email from a prospective grad student with questions about the lab. So, she wrote her back and told her what she thinks about the situation here. She was truthful, and I thought she wasn't very harsh at all (she let me see her reply email). Well, apparently she was talking to a couple of our lab-mates yesterday and they yelled at her for being so truthful. They made her feel so bad that she wrote back to the prospective grad student and told her to ask the rest of us (now I have an email to respond to).

I am a little angry because I read her reply email and I thought it was truthful and straightforward without being rude. I feel strongly about telling new and prospective grad students the truth. Why doesn't everyone? Why should new students be "buttered up"? Just to get them to come to your University? Rrrrrr.